Education and Training

The Value of Medical Simulation

Medical simulation is the enactment, observation, and debriefing of a medical event used specifically to educate and improve a healthcare provider’s ability to handle critical situations. Numerous studies have established the effectiveness of simulation training in building clinical decison making and communication skills.

Today’s computer-controlled full-body patient simulators (also known as high-fidelity simulators) present realistic vital signs and respond to appropriately to clinical interventions. The lifelike experiences provided by these simulators allow trainees to practice new skills and make mistakes without any risk of to actual patients. In some scenarios, CPS uses actors to play the role of patients, futher maximizing the experience of an authentic patient encounter.

Debriefing is arguably the most important step in simualtion education. During these sessions, trainees have the opportunity to review their performance and reflect on what they would do differently in the future.