Research Projects

Basic Science:

The focus of our basic science research program is organ preconditioning, preservation and post-conditioning against ischemia-reperfusion injury. Our aim is to develop the field of ‘organ resuscitation’, which encompasses all 3 of the above therapeutic interventions to reduce graft loss and prolong post transplant patient survival. In so doing we are exploring the benefits of volatile anesthetics as adjuncts of organ resuscitation. We are currently using islet and endothelial cell cultures to test the efficacy of emulsions of volatile anesthetics to improve clinical outcome of islet cell transplantation. This work is an ongoing collaboration with the Diabetes Research Institute. and is being supported with a grant from the WH Coulter Foundation and the University of Miami Center for Innovation. So far we have developed two formulations of volatile anesthetic emulsion, as well as new technologies to measure volatile anesthetics concentration in solution. These new technologies will enable more effective protection of islet cells against ischemia in culture media during isolation, preparation and implantation, resulting in better outcomes following Islet cell transplantation, leading to a cure for Diabetes. We are now expanding our research targets to other organs (heart, liver, kidney, spinal cord etc.) as well as exploring new applications for our volatile anesthetic emulsions as organ protective, anti-ischemic and resuscitative agents in a variety of clinical settings.

Clinical Studies

We also have been actively engaged in clinical studies in the following areas:

  • Cirrhotic cardiomyopathy
  • CAD and cirrhosis
  • Hepato-pulmonary syndrome, Porto-pulmonary hypertension
  • Post-reperfusion syndrome
  • Management of the Organ Donor