About Us : E.M. Papper, MD, PhD

E.M. Papper, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Miami, 1969-1981 Department of Pharmacology, 1974-1981

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Emanuel M. Papper, MD, Ph.D, a pioneer in academic anesthesiology, served as vice president for medical affairs and dean of the University of Miami School of Medicine from 1969-1981.

Dr. Papper’s leadership in anesthesiology dates back to 1949, when he became director of anesthesiology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. In 1952 he was appointed chairman of the department, the third independent department of anesthesiology in the nation. Dr. Papper is credited with many innovative clinical practices and groundbreaking research studies in the field of anesthesiology. He was also a pioneer in focusing on the importance of research in anesthesiology and was instrumental, through his work with the National Institutes of Health and the legislative and executive branches of government, in greatly increasing federal funding for anesthesiology research.

A mentor of the first order, Dr. Papper trained and influenced many of the country’s great academic anesthesiologists. He was the recipient of numerous awards and honorary degrees and a founding member of the most eminent research association in the field, the Association of University Anesthesiologists, which honored Dr. Papper at its 50th anniversary in May 2003.

In 1969 Dr. Papper was recruited from Columbia to become dean of the University of Miami School of Medicine. During Dean Papper’s tenure, the school made important strides in research, education, and patient care. Research funding for the school also increased 70 percent, placing it 20th among the nation’s 119 medical schools. Dr. Papper guided the institution during the establishment of the Public Health Trust and the Decade of Progress bond issue, which provided $55 million for renovation and expansion of the University of Miami / Jackson Memorial Medical Center. His vision for the medical school continues to be fulfilled with the construction of facilities for research and clinical endeavors.

Dr. Papper was a Renaissance man whose intelligence, diverse interests, and visionary leadership had an enormous impact on the University, his profession, and the community. In the later stages of his career, Dr. Papper returned to mentoring anesthesiologists at the University of Miami and, at age 75, earned a Ph.D in English Literature from the University of Miami. Since Dr. Papper’s death in December 2002, his legacy of excellence continues to inspire and guide his colleagues and students. The Emanuel M. Papper Chair in Anesthesiology will be a permanent tribute to Dr. Papper’s goals and ideals.